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Narrative Design

I have created narrative design for multiple immersive experiences including themed dining, phone games, attraction queues, live experiences, and street entertainment.

The projects are in the following order:


Trapology Boston - Check back for more information on an exciting experience coming soon!

• Curse of the Rose Banquet - Developed the lore and backstory behind the immersive dining experience.

• Gemsouls - Wrote over 30+ scripts for virtual characters, including backstories, hobbies, relationships, and much more. These scripts were implemented into an AI chat bot for users to interact with some of their favorite literary and entertainment characters. In addition to writing scripts, I also assisted with the world building behind the app including lore and backstory development.

• Zoomob - Wrote 3 full-length interactive choose-your-own-adventure style scripts for unreleased projects with Zoomob, including fleshing out pre-written concepts into full chapters with multi-branching choices and reactions to various scenarios.

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