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Show Writing

I have written scripts for both live entertainment and theme park attractions for multiple themed entertainment companies, including Universal Studios Japan, RWS Entertainment, JRA, The Haunted Road, MDSX, and Trapology Boston.


These project are in the following order:

The Haunted Road (Drive-thru attraction, co-written with Emma Oliver)

• Supershow (RWS Entertainment, Live immersive theatre)

• Crimson Club (RWS Entertainment, Live immersive theatre)

• Symphonica Ibiza (RWS Entertainment, Live immersive theatre)

• Sherlock Holmes (Universal Studios Japan, Live immersive theatre, co-written with Emma Oliver)

• Space Fantasy the Ride: Black Hole (Universal Studios Japan, Roller coaster)

• Sailor Moon ~Moon Palace Edition~ (Universal Studios Japan, Cinema 4-D)

• Destination Imagination (Savannah College of Art & Design, co-written with Emma Oliver)

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 8.41.24 AM.png
Supershow 2.jpeg
Crimson Club 10.jpeg
Ibiza Symphonica 4.jpeg
black hole 1.jpg
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