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Crimson Club

In Collaboration with RWS Global and MSC Cruises

I collaborated with RWS Entertainment (now RWS Global) and MSC Cruises for 3 new immersive theatrical productions performed aboard the MSC World Europa in their new performance space, Luna Park. Throughout a time period of two weeks, I wrote 3 25-30 page long scripts detailing each experience, including the backstory, reshow, mainshow, dialogue, postshow, and additional creative copy.

Crimson Club 3.jpeg


  • Collaborated with Creative Director and Show Director to develop the story around this 30 minute long experience.

  • Wrote out the concept, performance script, and applied edits as needed.

  • Ideated crowd interactions with the performers.

  • Developed the story behind the guest role. 

Check out some photos of the performance!

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